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T&W Labs
● Vision Perception Lab
● Speech Perception Lab
● Multimodal Interaction Lab

R&D Lines:
● Artificial Intelligence Theory and Applications especially focused on:
   • Speech Perception using deep learning and advanced machine learning.
   • Vision Perception using affective computing and advanced machine learning.
● Human-Machine Interaction especially focused on:
   • Emotion Recognition using Wireless Signals.
   • Stereoscopic Imaging Sensors for Interactive Applications.
   • Speech Signal Processing Frontend
●  Applied Robotics to real scenarios, including assistive robots and with special interest on smart home and healthcare missions:
   • Human-robot collaboration.
   • Multisensory based Grasping and Dexterous Manipulation.

There are 6 faculty members and over 20 research engineers. 


the T&W Labs is seeking AI research scientists
19 nov 2016

Job Summary
The T&W Labs is seeking research scientists to join its AI team based in Shenzhen China. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in AI deep learning and advanced machine learning technologies, an understanding of modern robotic systems, especially in Smart Home and Healthcare devices, and a passion for applying his/her knowledge toward improving human’s living standards

Duties and Responsibilities
• Develop large-scale machine learning, deep learning platform, and frameworks
• Optimize AI platform performance, algorithms to enable key AI solutions, projects and products
• Evaluate, modify and maintain forks of open source deep learning frameworks, such as one of the followings, TensorFlow, Caffe, Cuda-Convnet, Paddle
• Develop realistic AI/machine learning solutions in one or more of the followings,
AI assisted data mining, social mining, information classification, knowledge graph etc.; AI assisted decision-making, optimization for Smart home devices; AI assisted industrial applications, such as defect diagnosis and prediction; AI applications in robotics, face detection and recognition, pedestrian tracking, image classification, video content recognition, NLP, speech recognition, synthesis

Key Qualifications
• Extensive knowledge and working experience in AI, machine learning
• PhD equivalent in CS or EE
• At least 2 years US working experience in machine learning
• Hands on experience with Deep Learning tools such as Caffe, TensorFlow
• Familiarity with implementing algorithms on multi-core CPUs, clusters (MPI), GPUs
• Experience in end-to-end AI based solutions, either cloud based or device intensive computations
• Fluency in C/ C++, MATLAB, OpenCL (or CUDA), and Python
• Big data experience in AI context a big plus
• Experience in data science, high performance computing and distributed computing, embedded systems will be desirable
• Ability to handle multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment

• Our current focus areas include AI, machine learning, especially deep learning, robotics, AR/VR, chips, and related business driven, real-world applications. You will be part of a world-class team, and the teammates are from diverse backgrounds.

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