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T&W Staff Mutual Fund
The Production Staff Mutual Fund and the Staff Mutual Fund established in October 2002 and September 2009 are collectively referred to as “T&W Staff Mutual Fund”. 
1. Source of mutual fund
The principle of voluntary participation of staffs is used in the mutual fund and the source of funds is as follows: 
1) 5 Yuan is taken from the production staff and 20 Yuan is taken from monthly salary of the staff; 
2) The equal proportion matching fund of the company is included in the mutual fund. 
2. Management of mutual fund
The Mutual Fund Management Team is established through democratic elections and is responsible for the rational use of fund, and the review and management of fund application. 
3. Use range and principle
1) Purpose: it is mainly used for providing salvation to staff suffering illness or family accident. It is to ensure that every staff participating in the mutual fund can enjoy medical assistance, or assistance on life pressure caused by personal and family accidents. 
2) Principle: the current year balance of payments is basically maintained. The mutual fund of current year being used in the current year is advocated. 
Spontaneous mutual assistance of other staffs
1. Private donation activity is initiated by staffs voluntarily, and the collection conducted in the name of the company through the company network or mail is not advocated. 
2. With the approval of the Staff/Employee Mutual Fund Management Team, the Mutual Fund Management Team can organize the donation in a certain department or workshop of the company. 
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