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Global sustainable development has become one of the major challenges of the world today. It is the responsibility of each of us to implement the concept of scientific development, save energy and reduce consumption, reduce greenhouse emission, and strengthen the construction of ecological civilization. 
We establish green enterprise, comply with the international situation and environmental protection requirement, meet international standards, meet the requirements of European and American customers, take “prevention of pollution and establishment of green enterprises” as one of the corporate development policies, and implement sustainable development according to ecological design, greenhouse gas management, supply chain management, CSR and other throughout the product life cycle. 
1. Management of greenhouse gas:
Under the global trend of energy saving and emission reduction, Gongjin actively searches the emission reduction potential of various greenhouse gas emission sources on the value chain and continuously reduces the emission of greenhouse gases as the world's leading manufacturer of high-end communication electronics product and Chinese DSL production giant, so as to effectively cope with climate change. Gongjin deems the greenhouse gas management as a part of enterprise operation, and we identify greenhouse gas emission based on ISO14064 international standard and take effective energy saving and emission reduction actions. 

Emission list of various greenhouse gases 

Proportion of emission load of greenhouse gas of Ten Thousand Yuan industrial added value

2. Pollution prevention:
① Management of three wastes: 
The waste water discharged by Gongjin mainly comes from domestic waste water, and Gongjin regularly entrusts the third party to monitor it. In 2017, the waste water monitoring results were all in line with national and local emission standards. 
The waste gas discharged by Gongjin mainly comes from waste gas of generator, waste gas of welding and waste gas of kitchen, and Gongjin regularly entrusts the third party to monitor it. In 2017, the waste gas monitoring results showed that the gas emission was in line with national and local emission standards. 
The hazardous wastes of Gongjin mainly come from chemical packaging materials and wastes generated during use. Gongjin can regularly entrust qualified third party to process it, so as to ensure compliance emission. 
② Management of wastes
Gongjin continues to pay attention to the generation of general wastes and the amount of hazardous wastes generated in the production process, the environmental target index is formulated and regularly detected, and meanwhile, the compliance processing of kitchen waste is monitored. 
3. Green product
Gongjin uses “pollution prevention and green enterprise establishment” as the environmental policy of the company. Many measures and means are used at all stages of the product life cycle to provide more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products to customer. 
· Reduction of consumption of raw materials: in order to reduce the impact on the environment, Gongjin Electronics directly reduces the consumption of raw materials in product development and design; except for saving more raw materials from the perspective of material selection, Gongjin Electronics reduces PCB area through selecting miniaturized and integrated devices and reasonably arranging PCB board according to the hardware design Miniaturized; 
· Use of renewable materials: renewable material is also the focus of Gongjin Electronics, and except for extensively using traditional renewable materials, new environmentally friendly materials are continuously concerned and introduced; 
· Recycling of recovered materials: as the most easily discarded part of the product – packaging, Gongjin Electronics improves the environmental impact by directly using recovered materials on the premise of taking the material function and customer need into account; 
· Continuous reduction of harmful substances: Gongjin Electronics particularly pays attention to the reduction of harmful substances, and for toxic and hazardous substances that are clearly restricted by law and regulation, Gongjin Electronics strictly follows the substance limit standard and formulates standard that is stricter than law and regulation. 
· Improvement of automation degree of production: Gongjin Electronics continues to impel material patching and plug-in standardization, so as to improve production automation degree and reduce energy consumption in the production process; 
· Transportation energy consumption reduced through packaging design: the transportation energy consumption is reduced through lightweight of packaging and rational layout design; 
· Reduction of energy consumption in product operation: Gongjin Electronics researches how to reduce energy consumption of product, improve energy efficiency and meet ErP requirement. The selection of more efficient chip solution, the power device or the innovative design is included, so as to reduce product power consumption; and the product status is identified and controlled by software and the power consumption is controlled. 
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