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Health and safety risk management of staff: 
Gongjin always attaches great importance to the health and safety management of staff. Since OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System was introduced in 2007, the investment in this aspect has been continuously strengthened, and the process has been improved; the process and guideline are established; the training is regularly arranged, the training examination needs to be passed for key posts, and labor insurance products are provided for key post; third party is regularly entrusted to monitor the air, work illuminance and workplace noise of the workplace; the staff is scheduled to conduct physical examination every year; and effective actions are taken to prevent the occurrence of safety accident. 

Product safety management: 
Product safety is directly related to the health and safety of customer and consumer. In 2011, Gongjin began to introduce the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard requirement. In the second half of 2013, the laboratory applied for CNAS accreditation from the China National Laboratory. In May 2014, the on-site review was passed. In October 2015, the expansion review was passed, and in May 2017, the renewal and re-review were conducted, and Gongjin was working hard to ensure the quality of the product and provide safe products for customer and consumer. 

Partial laboratory display of Gongjin: 
Gongjin always believes that it has the responsibility and obligation to ensure the health and safety of the product before the product is delivered to consumer for use. For this purpose, Gongjin conducts internal user evaluation and field test of the company for different products. Based on different use environments of the user, it runs through product planning, design, development, testing, other links, so that our products meet the use environment of the user, and therefore, the potential health and safety risks in use of relevant products are reduced. 
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