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Policy and strategy target of CSR management of supply chain

Gongjin also attaches great importance to the social responsibilities of suppliers and partners, while fulfilling the social responsibilities. As an important part of Gongjin strategy, we will continue to implement ethical purchasing and green purchasing, and strengthen CSR management of supply chain, so as to achieve two strategic targets: 
① Increase the awareness and ability of the social responsibilities of Gongjin and its supply chain, and promote the sustainable development of the industrial chain; 
② Work closely with suppliers to strengthen the continuous improvement and management of social responsibility of supply chain together, ensure the production of product by a mode complying with social responsibility, and establish the brand and confidence of social responsibility of supply chain in global customers. 
CSR management system of supply chain
In 2016 and 2017, Gongjin continues to gradually establish and improve the CSR management system of supply chain, which specifically includes gradually strengthening CSR management object, improving CSR agreement with supplier, conducting CSR training and upgrading the skill.  
1. Strengthening of CSR management target
From the implementation of CSR management of the supply chain end in 2013 to this day, CSR has become the threshold for the introduction of strategic cooperation supplier of Gongjin, and it is regulated that CSR review is conducted when strategic cooperation supplier is certified. The self-inspection of CSR system is conducted to the supplier cooperated. Gongjin formulates and issues “Purchasing Guideline for Gongjin Social Responsibility” to supplier to promote the supplier to meet the requirement of the social responsibility system. 
2. Formulation of CSR agreement of supplier
Gongjin formulates CSR agreement of supplier Commitment of Social Responsibility, and Occupational Health and Safety, the contents include child labor, forced labor, occupational health and safety, and the right to organize free and collective bargaining of trade union. The company signs a CSR agreement with all suppliers to strengthen the CSR requirement on supplier. 
3. CSR training and skill promotion
In 2017, Gongjin continued to strengthen the CSR skill of staff, and invited third-party training organization to train 25 staffs according to SA8000, EICC, and BSCI standards. Wherein, six staffs in the supply chain system participated in the training, successfully completed the training and obtained the auditor certificate. 
The supply chain formulates Annual Supplier CSR & Environmental Training Program and implements it every year. Since the CSR management of the supply chain end is implemented, more than 300 suppliers and partners have participated in the training for sustainable development management. At the same time, the “Social Responsibility Site Review Plan” is formulated, and the key material supplier is reviewed on site, so as to promote the supplier for improvement. The social responsibility management mechanism of supplier is continuously improved.
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