T&W Training College Held the 2020 Annual Working Meeting and Excellent Lecturers’ Commendation Meeting

The silkworms stopped spinning until they died, and the candles tears stopped when they were burned out. However, silkworms stopped spinning and the candles were burned out, the teachers’ career had not been completed. T&W teachers’ work was hard and fruitful, and their students were all over the world. On the Teacher’s Day, September 10, T&W Training College held the 2020 annual working meeting and excellent lecturers’ commendation meeting in the main venue on the second floor of building 4, Pingshan, Shenzhen. A total of 346 people from Taicang, Shanghai, Dalian, Xi’an, Vietnam and Nanshan of Shenzhen attended the video meeting on line.

Long Xiaojing, Deputy General Manager of the company and Vice President of T&W Training College, made a new plan for T&W Training College at the meeting, introducing the overall planning of T&W Training College for talent training in 2020 around the personnel training system, organizational structure of the training college and key projects. Meanwhile, she called on all participating units and internal lecturers to actively participate in the implementation of the new plan. At present, T&W Training College has the president, vice president and assistant president. It has four branches: general management department, worker training center, staff training center and leadership development center.

Li Jie, the assistant president of T&W Training College, and Wang Peng, the manager of Human Resources Department (workers) of South China Netcom, respectively made stage work summary and planning reports on staff training and worker training.

In order to encourage excellence and set a benchmark, the Training College, together with the human resources departments of local subsidiaries, selected 21 annual excellent internal lecturers, 10 excellent training administrators, 8 excellent learning teams and 3 innovative training projects throughout the company, which were commended at the meeting.

As a representative of the subsidiary company, Bian Shaohui, General Manager of module communication, delivered a speech at the meeting, and raised expectations for the work of T&W Training College from the perspective of the subsidiary company, hoping that the college can support the subsidiary company to gradually establish the training system.

Wang Dawei, Chairman of the company and President of T&W Training College, made a summary speech for the meeting. He pointed out that T&W Training College will be transformed and upgraded to “Corporate University” as the core of the company’s training system according to the company’s development needs in the new stag. It will be no longer limited to training, but should have important links such as perfect training courses, strict assessment and graduation certificate like a university. Leaders, training staff and internal lecturers of all subsidiaries are important parts of internal training, who should put forward suggestions according to the actual situation to make the development of the college more standardized and perfect. The training college has been established for 11 years since 2009, and has developed many training programs. The training college must keep pace with the times, strengthen the construction and start a new round of reform. The company will introduce external professional institutions to build T&W Training College into the most important and authoritative institution, and become an indispensable platform for the growth and promotion of every employee.
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