Gongjin Electronics (South China Area) 2020 Youth Group Motivational Tour to Qingyuan Yingxifeng Forest Met with Success

The first 2020 Youth Group Motivational Tour to Qingyuan Yingxifeng Forest successfully met with success from September 12 to 13, which raised the curtain for the series of activities of motivational tour in 2020. 301 T&W warriors from the headquarters business platform, headquarters management center and South China Netcom were divided into 16 teams to successively usher in courage challenge, physical challenge, endurance challenge, team cooperation ability challenge and talent competition, which showed the charm and courage of Gongjin’s pillars during the two-day and one-night additional activities.

The additional activities including natural rock climbing and mire successively tested everyone’s courage and physical strength on September 12. Yingxifeng Forest, with rolling peaks and most limestone, is one of the most famous climbing sites in Guangdong Province. Rock climbing is not only a test of courage and perseverance, but also a very skillful outdoor extreme sport. Facing the unknown challenges, T&W warriors have no fear, bravely seize the cliffs and unlock the new climbing skills. In the mire additional activity, each team made every effort to challenge the most difficult sport in the most difficult environment, and created unforgettable memories of additional activity once again.

After the physical exhaustion during the day, a great dance PK in the evening made T&W warriors release pressure, show their talents, and continue to meet the test of the next day with a joyful body and mind.

The challenge of endurance and teamwork came on September 13. 16 teams formed an alliance in pairs and divided into eight factions after a 5-kilometer hike and a continuous climb of 600 stairs to see the beautiful scenery of the fairyland in Yingxifeng Forest. The teams took part in the battle to win the treasures by answering questions. They launched a real-person breakthrough race in the picturesque Jiulong Town. After two days of sport challenges, 15 teams finally won the first place in this motivational tour with the highest total points.

During summary of the activity, 301 T&W warriors, led by the coach team, pulled a rope into a stable circle and completed the 666-time swinging challenge with concerted efforts. Finally, Chen Kai, the company’s vice general manager of production and human resources administration walked a round on the rope circle “platform” which was consolidated by the joint efforts of all, symbolizing that the construction and sustainable development of the company’s platform cannot be separated from the efforts of every T&W employee. This motivational tour drew to an end in the collaborative sport symbolizing mutual trust and mutual achievement, adding momentum of keeping moving for T&W warriors to call up the courage and overcome all difficulties.
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