A Number of Leaders of Pingshan District Committee Visited Pingshan Park of the Company to Investigate the Party Construction Work

On the morning of September 18, Li Yingzhong, Deputy Secretary of Pingshan District Committee of Shenzhen, Xu Guodong, Member of the Standing Committee of Pingshan District Committee and Director of the Organization Department, led more than 40 people to visit the Pingshan Park of company to investigate party construction work. Long Xiaojing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of the company, Ren Yongqiang, Director of South China Netcom Order Delivery Center and other company leaders received these leaders of Pingshan District and accompanied them to visit the company's party building positions.
The leaders of Pingshan District Committee watched the company's promotional video in the exhibition hall for enterprise culture on the seventh floor of building four, and investigated and visited the party building position of the company afterwards. Through on-the-spot explanation and text pictures, all-in-one machine display screen, special display board and other forms, the development history of the company and the Party Committee, the organization construction and the characteristic highlights of party building are displayed in an all-round way. Li Yingzhong, Deputy Secretary of District Committee, Xu Guodong, Director of the Organization Department attached great importance to the company's party construction work, and asked about the implementation of the "Three Synchronization" of party construction (party construction survey, organization construction, guiding service) from time to time. Deputy secretary Li spoke highly of the company's mode of cross-appointment between senior executives and Party Committees, the company's philanthropic efforts to fulfill its social responsibility and invest in public welfare, and the company's specific practices of cultivating talents and caring for employees.
On-site researching and visiting units of "Three Synchronization" of non-state-owned enterprises party construction in Pingshan district are the non-state-owned party building bench-marking enterprises in the district and are respectively Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd. and Biomedical Industrial Park. Subsequently, the leaders of Pingshan District Committee investigated the party construction work in the Biomedical Industrial Park, and held an on-site conference on "Three Synchronization" of non-state-owned enterprises for party construction work in the whole district in the Service Center of the Party and Mass of the Biomedical Industrial Park. Long Xiaojing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of the company, and Xu Ling, Member of the Party Committee of the company were invited to attend the conference as well.
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