The Successful Completion on 2020 Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Inspirational Activity Gongjin Electronics Cells Communication

On October 11, 2020 Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Inspirational Activity was held in Dalian 5A-class scenic spot of Golden Pebble Beach in the form of expansion and hiking. On the same day, 60 warriors of T&W from the communication company were divided into four teams to compete fiercely and accept the triple challenges of intelligence, physical strength and endurance throughout the day. Company General Manager Tang Nan, the company's deputy general manager Hu Zumin, Long Xiaojing and other group leaders were present on site in person, and the warriors of the communication company stepped together into Binhai Road.

The expansion activity was held on the morning of same day, it comes to the officially intellectual and physical competition after team building and warm-up projects practiced by the four teams. Among them, “The Raiders of the Ark” can be called a small graduation wall, the team members stepped on the wall built by their teammates and climbed over high ropes, which perfectly reflects the team cohesion.

“Passing Through on Thousand Feet” reflects the teamwork and physical quality. Although some colleagues fell down in the march, no one quit, they patted the soil on the body, and immediately start again. “Digital Huarong Road” is an excellent project for the most powerful brain. An excellent team not only needs a healthy body, but also needs the most powerful brain to be fearless and calm to lead the team to success.

The final project was "The Great Nazca Painting". Sixty warriors of T&W work together to paint the most beautiful “T&W” and “Gongjin” in their hearts with the brush in their hands, wishing the Gongjin Electronics cells communication be better tomorrow.

In the afternoon, Chairman Tang, Deputy General Manager Hu and Long, and other leaders joined the 20km coastal hiking activity with 60 warriors together. The winding Binhai Road is the designated route of Dalian International Hiking Festival. With beautiful scenery and fresh air along the way, you can look distance from the Golden Pebble Beach Bridge, and feel the magnificent waves of the sea.

Although the team expansion in the morning has consumed a lot of physical strength, many colleagues turned the hike into a long run "Half Marathon" during the 20km hiking in the afternoon. Buoyed by the morale of the team, the event set a new record for Dalian company’s hiking performance with the average time of 3 hours and 24 minutes. It was a "Fast March on Foot". In the spirit of not abandoning and not giving up for the company, no one was left behind in 64 people, and all completed the hike.

In the end, the fourth team, “Wolf Warriors”, won the best team award for the total score of first result obtained in expansion + hiking. This activity fully demonstrated the spirit of colleagues from Dalian cells communication company who are enterprising and unyielding. The staff of Dalian face up to the challenge and pressure, endeavor to overcome difficulties, find a new path to development and strive themselves to achieve their best.
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