Module Communication (Xi'an) Hold 2020 Qin-Chu Ancient Path Inspirational Activity

On October 17, Module Communication (Xi’an) 2020 Inspirational Activity was held at Qin-Chu Ancient Path, Zhashui County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province. The 70 employees from module communication were divided into six teams to compete fiercely in the development climbing activity.

On 16th, in order to boost the morale of the team, Bian Shaohui, general manager of module communication, held a mobilization meeting to encourage everyone to work hard, never give up in the activity, and face the double test of spirit and body together on the premise of ensuring the personal safety of all employees.

On that morning of the activity, the 6 teams entered the challenging project of collective graduation wall immediately after the ice-breaking warm-up. Through the cooperation of all participants, all the team members climbed over the 4-meter-high vertical cliff wall with their bare hands. However, this is just the beginning. In the afternoon, the arduous journey of "Climbing Snow Mountain and Crossing Grass" is the challenge of overcoming difficulty and sharpening willpower. The company's general manager Tang Fonan, the company's deputy general manager Hu Zumin, Long Xiaojing and other leaders came to the event, and experience this inspirational activity with Xi'an company’s staff of module communication.

Climbing requires speed and perseverance, each team quickly climbs the rough stone road. After clocking in the beautiful viewing platform, the team members speed up the pace to conquer mountain and snowfield, nothing can stop their steps forward and make them fear, even falling down or muddy jungle. Finally, the warriors conquered the Zhongnan Mountains and crossed the Qinling to reach the final point: the meadow. When those colleagues saw that General Manager Tang had completed the challenge of climbing the snow mountain and crossing the grassland together with everyone and trekked through the jungle to reach the summit, they could not help applauding and were deeply touched by his fighting spirit!

At the event summary meeting, General Manager Tang gave a commendation to the outstanding team of the activity. Meanwhile, Mr. Tang said that the hard-working spirit of module communication is obvious to all. No matter in work or life, everyone is striving for the development of module communication. He believes that module communication will surely break through itself and successfully achieve the strategic planning goals of the company.

Module Communication (Xi’an) 2020 Inspirational Activity Came to a Successful End with Everyone’s Drinking
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