Gongjin Electronic Won A Number of Awards on the 14th Telecommunications Industry List

On October 14, 2020, PT Expo China was held, and issued the list of 14th Telecommunications Industry. Gongjin Electronics has won many awards such as "Leading Enterprise of 5G Cells", "Top 100 Service Providers of Communication Equipment Technology" and "Top 30 5G Radio Frequency Industry".

As the only third-party industry evaluation system in the communication industry, the list of the communication industry has been published for 14 consecutive times, which is a barometer of the development of the communication industry chain. With the theme of "Capability and Innovation under New Infrastructure" and the scientific and objective evaluation system and selection process, the Top 50 Local Operators of China's Telecommunications Industry List from 2019 to 2020, Top 100 Communication Technology Equipment Service Providers, Top 50 Industrial Internet Service Providers and Top 10 Virtual Operators in China are selected in China's Communications Industry List.

Gongjin Electronics ranks 19th in the Top 30 5G Radio Frequency Industry and 35th in the Top 100 Communication Equipment Technology Service Providers, indicating that the company has been fully recognized by the industry in terms of research and development ability, industry influence and future development. At present, equipment manufacturers are gradually entering the stage dominated by comprehensive competition. It determines the future ranking of equipment manufacturers that if they can seize the opportunities of enabling thousands of industries under the new infrastructure opportunities.

In the judging process of the list, the judging panel selects enterprises with excellent performance in the sub-sectors and their related product technologies and solutions based on the relevant evaluation indicators of enterprises in the new infrastructure fields---5G, Data Center, Artificial Intelligence, and Industrial Internet. In the single list of annual leading enterprises, Gongjin Electronics was successfully selected together with well-known enterprises such as Huawei and ZTE, and won the title "Leading Enterprise of 5G Cells in Communications Industry". Under the tide of 5G communication equipment manufacturing, Gongjin Electronics cooperated with major chip manufacturers at home and abroad to carry out the research and development of 5G cells with full product stack, broke through the technical difficulties of the first global research and developed the world's first 5G MMW Small Cells with SA mode. In addition, Gongjin Electronics is developing the industry's only products for 5G Sub-6G all-in-one small cells and 5G sub-6g distributed small cells. Based on low-cost ARM processor and Asic baseband chip solution, all-in-one small cells products enjoy small size of the whole machine, low power consumption, low cost, product scalability, and support integrating with PON, Wi-Fi, IPTV, and even the Car Networking RSU and reduces deployment and maintenance costs.
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