Winspread Building Will be Completed, Adding Momentum to Gongjin Stock

 Recently, the Company has basically completed the construction of the new office building of Winspread through hard work. The building has 6 floors and a total construction area of over 6000 square meters. The construction of the new office building has received the deep concern of Mr. Tang and Mr. Wang for Winspread, which has reflected the wise decision of the group leaders, has received strong support from the whole group, and has condensed the hard work of the construction organization.
At present, the building is decorated smoothly, with scientific design and reasonable layout. The Company's infrastructure and administrative teams have worked hard to build Winspread's new office building into a business card of Gongjin Group. The completion of the new office building has greatly improved the office conditions of Winspread and will certainly bring more brilliant development prospects to Winspread. At present, the overall performance of Winspread continues to improve and the business sector continues to be innovated. It will live up to the ardent expectations of the Group and reach a higher level at a higher starting point.
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