Haiyun Testing Held the 2021 Annual Working Conference

On March 20th, Haiyun Testing held the 2021 Annual Working Conference with the theme of "Ride the Wind and Waves to Set Sail" in M805, Building 4, Pingshan.Hu Zumin and Long Xiaojing, leaders of the Group Company, were invited to attend, and all members of Haiyun Testing attended the Conference.
At the conference, Liu Shengwen, General Manager of Haiyun Testing, made a detailed summary of the work in 2020.Mr. Liu pointed out that 2020 is a year of great significance for Haiyun testing, in which Haiyun Testing took a key step from platform to subsidiary, and felt the challenges and opportunities from the market. Mr. Liu thanked all colleagues for their efforts in 2020.With the unremitting efforts of all colleagues and the strong support of the parent company, Haiyun Testing has completed the net profit performance target and various KPI indicators set at the beginning of the year, taking the first step of the new journey well. Subsequently, Mr. Liu analyzed the work in 2021 from the aspects of company positioning, market direction, qualification ability and partner selection, and established the goal of Haiyun Testing in 2021 and the detailed plan to achieve the goal. He emphasized that 2021 was the first year of the establishment of Haiyun Testing, which was particularly critical, requiring everyone to forge ahead hand in hand and go all out.
At the conference, the responsible persons of Haiyun Testing Business Department, Shenzhen Testing Department, Taicang Testing Department and Project Section made a brief review of the work in 2020 and analyzed the tasks in 2021 from the aspects of output value, efficiency and quality, and provided an implementation plan to make joint efforts for Haiyun Testing to become an industry comprehensive testing service platform.
Long Xiaojing, Deputy General Manager of the Company, affirmed the phased achievements of Haiyun Testing in 2020 and the fighting spirit of team members, and put forward valuable suggestions for the future development of Haiyun Testing at the conference. Deputy General Manager Long pointed out that as a completely internally incubated company, Haiyun Testing had the characteristics of high standard and wide platform; Haiyun team had the characteristics of plain and earnestness. She hoped that Haiyun Testing would continue to strengthen its professionalism, base itself on the market, optimize management, drive innovation, and everyone would participate in politics, so as to become a leading testing company in the industry.
Hu Zumin, General Manager of the Company, summarized the conference. General Manager Hu said that the Company should fully support the development of Haiyun Testing so as to give full play to the advantages of the "Haiyun model". At the same time, he also put forward two suggestions: first, strengthen the construction of sales team to improve sales work; Second, do a good job in strategic analysis to optimize the 5-year plan for Haiyun Testing. General Manager Hu hoped that everyone could make the company bigger and stronger in the same direction and goal.
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