The Leaders of China Railway Gecent Technology Co., Ltd. Visited Pingshan Headquarters of Gongjin Electronics

On the afternoon of March 26th, Zhao Ge, CEO, Li Jun, Deputy General Manager, Wang Zhongfeng, Chief Inspector of Communications Department, and Shen Jiayin, Deputy Inspector, and their party from China Railway Gecent Technology Co., Ltd. visited Pingshan Park, the headquarters of the Company, and Tang Funan, Director of the Gongjin Stock Strategic Development Committee, Hu Zumin, General Manager of the Company, Wei Lian, General Manager of the Base Station Communication Company, Zhang Li, officer of the General Manager's Office, and other leaders warmly received the guests.

Mr. Zhao and his entourages visited the South China Production Base of Gongjin Electronics and Haiyun Testing Laboratory, and affirmed the manufacturing strength and testing and certification strength of Gongjin Electronics. Subsequently, representatives of the parties had an informal discussion and conducted in-depth exchanges around the current cooperation projects and strategic cooperation of base station communication company. The leaders of China Railway Gecent and their entourages said that they had gained a lot from this trip and were full of confidence in the cooperation with Gongjin.
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