Gongjin Electronics and Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications Renewed "Gongjin Scholarship" for Industry-Research Institute Collaboration

On March 17th, Wang Lan and Long Xiaojing, Deputy General Managers of the Company, and other representatives went to Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications to carry out exchanges in industry-university-research cooperation, and held a signing ceremony for the donation agreement of "Gongjin Scholarship". The signing was to continue the first "Gongjin Scholarship" from 2015 to 2019 and set up the second scholarship .Lv Yi, Vice President of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and responsible persons of the Industry-University-Research Cooperation Office and other organizations attended the discussion and exchange.
On behalf of the University, Vice President Lv Yi thanked Gongjin Electronics for the recognition of CQUPT's school-running philosophy and for implementing the philanthropic project of "giving back to the society" in CQUPT and setting up the "Gongjin Scholarship" to encourage outstanding students to exert themselves. Vice President Lv introduced the situations of school history, personnel training, teaching staff, discipline construction and professional construction, saying that the school would give full play to its advantages in science technology and personnel to provide strong intellectual and technical support for the development and growth of enterprises; the school is seizing the opportunity to move towards world-class disciplines. The enterprises and schools are expected to actively carry out exploration, upgrade the level of cooperation, expand the fields of cooperation and improve the effectiveness of cooperation in national-level topic and award declaration, school-enterprise project cooperation, discipline competition and practical training with the respective advantages of the parties.
Wang Lan, Deputy General Manager of the Company, introduced to the development process, business field and future development direction and goal of Gongjin Electronics to the university. He said that the Company had three main purposes in carrying out school-enterprise cooperation: first, in terms of talents, as the enterprise grows, the demand for talents is becoming more and more urgent. Out of full affirmation of the school-running quality, the Company is willing to absorb outstanding graduates from CQUPT as the important force of the enterprise and further implement the practical training work; Second, in terms of projects, the parties can give full play to the effectiveness of industry-university-research cooperation with the research and development advantages of the university and the industrial advantages of the enterprise; third, in terms of technology, the parties are expected to cooperate in the field of market-oriented application of technology patents to promote the transformation of achievements into benefits. At the conference, the parties signed a donation agreement of the "Gongjin Scholarship".
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