Taicang T&W Held a Provincial Appraisal Meeting on New Products and Technologies

On the morning of March 7, organized by Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission and hosted by Suzhou Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the provincial appraisal meeting on "5GCPE (Model B6755CPE)", "XG-PON Home Gateway (Model HG5145D)", "Distributed Base Station Expansion Equipment (Model SDQ002-EU)" and "WiFi6 Mesh Router (Model COVR-X1870)" was held in Taicang T&W. An appraisal committee composed of seven industry experts from Fudan University, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Southeast University and Purple Mountain Laboratory for Network Communication and Security conducted on-site appraisal on the above four products declared by Taicang T&W.
After fully listening to the report, consulting the appraisal materials, inspecting the R&D site and inquiring and discussing, experts at the meeting fully affirmed the technical indexes, main performances, productive technologies, batch production and feedback from users of the above four products, agreed that the comprehensive performance of the four products had reached the leading level of similar products in China, allowed them to pass the provincial appraisal on new products, and gave full guidance on how the product name can reflect the advanced nature of the product, how OEM products can reflect the value of the original equipment manufacturer, and how to better carry out the appraisal of new products and technologies in the future.
The provincial appraisal of new products and technologies is an important means for the government to encourage technological innovation of enterprises. As a document with legal effect, the new product and new technology appraisal certificate is an important basis for enterprises to organize the popularization, application and transfer of technology, participate in major project bidding, declare awards and apply for relevant state support policies. Our four products have successfully passed the provincial appraisal of new products and technologies, which is also the high affirmation of the government and experts in the industry for our insistence on product innovation and independent research and development.
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics