Gongjin Electronics Appeared at 2021 Mobile World Congress Shanghai

The 2021 Mobile World Congress •Shanghai (MWC21 Shanghai for short) officially kicked off at Shanghai New International Expo Center on February 23rd.The Exhibition attracted more than 200 exhibitors from home and abroad, covering telecom manufacturers, consumer terminals, wireless technology, security, block chain, system integrators and other fields. Three subsidiaries of Gongjin Electronics, namely, base station communication, module and South China Netcom, jointly participated in the Exhibition.Hu Zumin, General Manager of the Company, was also invited to accept many media interviews on the Exhibition.
This time, Gongjin's products, such as small mmWave integrated 5G base station, small 5G Sub-6G integrated base station and small 4G base station, displayed on MWC were particularly eye-catching. On the site, the small 5G millimeter-wave integrated base station rate test demo attracted many people inside and outside the industry to stop and watch. In addition, on the MWC Qualcomm booth, a Gongjin's 5G Sub-6G integrated small base station with Qualcomm chips was exhibited, supporting Gongjin's products.
Gongjin Electronics is the first manufacturer in China to develop small 5G millimeter-wave integrated base station and the first communication equipment supplier in the world to launch small Sub-6G integrated base station. In addition to the small integrated base stations exhibited this time, the small distributed base station products of Gongjin Electronics support O-RAN multi-layer segmentation to meet different former transmission/computing requirements, which can provide customers with small 5G base station solutions in different scenarios. Compared with similar products in the industry, the small 5G integrated base station and small 5G Sub-6G distributed base station products of the above Qualcomm ARM processor scheme have significant advantages in power consumption and cost.
The 5G module products exhibited by the Module company included TW510M, TW500G and TW500M.Among them, in TW510M, MMW-based applications has been massively produced and shipped to a major customer in Australia. The 4G modules exhibited included TW01C, TW06M, TW06G, TW12M, and TW12G, as well as module-based 5G CPE and 5G MIFI solutions.
South China Netcom exhibited 5G CPE (Indoor IDU), Outdoor (ODU) and Wi-Fi6 series products based on self-developed modules. Among them, 5G products have reached the stage of customer sample presentation for testing.Wi-Fi6 products (AX1800, AX3000 and AX5400) have been shipped on a large scale at home and abroad.
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