Haiyun Testing Company Held a Grand Unveiling Ceremony

On January 4, 2021, at the beginning of the new year, Gongjin Electronics ushered in a good day when its subsidiary Shenzhen Haiyun Testing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haiyun Testing") was officially unveiled and established. Haiyun Testing, formerly the laboratory of Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd., became the R&D technology platform of the Company's headquarters after more than ten years of technical cultivation and accumulation. This time, Haiyun Testing become an independent subsidiary in the new journey of Gongjin Electronics' second transformation and upgrading venture. Haiyun Testing is a comprehensive testing laboratory with product testing and market access services, which is positioned to be a leading platform with product testing and certification services in the communication industry by the Company and is committed to creating the brand of Haiyun Testing. At the unveiling ceremony, Wang Dawei, Chairman of the Company, Tang Funan, General Manager of the Company, Hu Zumin, Deputy General Manager of the Company, Wei Honghai, General Manager South China Netcom, and senior management representatives in Shenzhen came to the scene to witness this important moment together.
Liu Shengwen, General Manager of Haiyun Testing, delivered a welcome speech at the ceremony, thanking the Company's leaders for their understanding, the subsidiaries, business platforms and management centers for their cooperation and support, and all Haiyun employees for their hard work. Mr. Liu pointed out that Haiyun Testing had completed the feasibility assessment of independent accounting and initially established an organizational structure including the sales team in 2020.During the trial operation, while maintaining the efficient and stable delivery of the business of each subsidiary, the Company maintained a steady growth of external operation performance, which was stable at over RMB 500,000 for three consecutive months, and created a new performance high of RMB 700,000 in December 2020.Mr. Liu said that Haiyun Testing, as a completely internally incubated subsidiary of Gongjin Electronics, would adhere to the customer-centered management theory, primarily meet the testing needs of internal subsidiaries, promote the development of new businesses from the testing perspective, continuously expand external industrial customers, and create value for customers. Haiyun Testing would achieve the goal of turnover of RMB 50 million and net profit of more than RMB 10 million within 3~5 years, and maintain continuous growth. Haiyun Testing would also provide an open growth platform for Haiyun employees to create a win-win situation.
Hu Zumin, Deputy General Manager of the Company, delivered a speech at the ceremony. Mr. Hu concluded that Haiyun Testing can successfully move towards independent operation, first of all, because its business model can be continuously linked and developed with the business of Gongjin Electronics, but more importantly, because of the external business established by all Haiyun employees through hard work. Mr. Hu affirmed the current results of Haiyun Testing and wished all employees of Haiyun to realize their dreams through hard work in the future.
Tang Fonan, General Manager of the Company, addressed the ceremony. Mr. Tang Zong affirmed the entrepreneurial spirit, self-improvement spirit and struggle spirit of all employees of Haiyun Testing, and hoped that Haiyun Testing would strengthen its goals and achieve some achievements in 2021; develop and grow stronger, and build a complete team; reach the plan, and achieve revenue and profit targets. He wished Haiyun Testing the smooth development and brilliant results in 2021.
Later, Wang Dawei, Chairman of the Company, Tang Fonan, General Manager of the Company, Hu Zumin, Deputy General Manager of the Company, and Liu Shengwen, General Manager of Haiyun Testing jointly unveiled the Haiyun Testing Co., Ltd. The attending leaders visited the laboratory construction results under the leadership of Mr. Liu and the management team of Haiyun.
It is reported that Haiyun Testing conducts laboratory management according to the requirements of the standard system ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories, now has the national CNAS and CMA laboratory qualifications, and has started the application for American laboratory (A2LA) qualification and UL CBTL qualification. On the premise of reaching in-depth strategic cooperation with Beijing TIRT Technology Service Co., Ltd., Haiyun Testing has established extensive and in-depth technical exchange mechanisms with many domestic professional testing institutions, and is also a strategic partner of internationally renowned institutions such as UL, TUV, ITS and SGS.
Haiyun Testing currently has the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory, Radio Frequency (RF) Laboratory, Antenna Performance (OTA) Laboratory, Electrical Safety Laboratory, Energy Efficiency Laboratory, Plug and Socket Laboratory, Environmental/Mechanical Reliability Laboratory, Waterproof and Dustproof Laboratory, Chemical RoHS Laboratory and REACH Laboratory, where the instruments and equipment used are all well-known brands in the industry. Haiyun Testing has a group of professional and experienced technicians, all of whom have more than 8 years of working experience in this field. In the field of network communication and mobile communication, Haiyun Testing keeps up with the development of mainstream technologies to ensure that the team's technical capabilities are at the advanced level at home and abroad. As a third-party laboratory organization, Haiyun Testing adheres to the principles of science, preciseness, meticulous, objectivity and fairness, and provides customers with professional, high-quality and efficient testing and certification, market access and other services.
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