The Small 5G Base Station Equipped Qualcomm Chips Set Sail in China International Import Expo

On November 5th, the 3rd China International Import Expo, which attracted worldwide attention, officially kicked off in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Three small 5G base station products developed by Gongjin Electronics based on Qualcomm 5G chip platform: small mmWave integrated 5G base station, small Sub-6G integrated base station and small 5G base station home gateway appeared in China International Import Expo.
Gongjin Electronics can provide Sub-6G and millimeter-wave 5G small base station solutions by combining the self-owned software with Qualcomm's leading FSM100xx 5G platform, which is the first manufacturer in China to develop small 5G millimeter-wave integrated base station and the first communication equipment supplier in the world to launch small Sub-6G integrated base station. In addition to the small integrated base stations exhibited this time, the small distributed base station products of Gongjin Electronics support O-RAN multi-layer segmentation to meet different former transmission/computing requirements, which can provide customers with small 5G base station solutions in different scenarios. Compared with similar products in the industry, the small 5G integrated base station and small 5G Sub-6G distributed base station products of the above Qualcomm ARM processor scheme have significant advantages in power consumption and cost.
The successful exhibition of Gongjin Electronics in China International Import Expo is not an accident. The cooperation between the parties has a long history. In the first half of 2019, Gongjin Electronics reached a cooperation with Qualcomm to expand the original small base station product line based on Qualcomm FSM100xx 5G platform and make a smooth transition to 5G small base station series products based on the original LTE products. In the 4G era, the parties had reached cooperation on Qualcomm FSM99xx and FSM90xx4G platforms, and 5G cooperation also made Gongjin Electronics the first company in China to adopt Qualcomm FSM100xx5G platform. Qualcomm FSM 100xx, released in 2018, is the first 5G New Radio small base station solution. On October 20, 2020, Qualcomm announced the launch of a series of 5G network infrastructure chip platforms to support the full deployment of large-scale MIMO macro base station to small base stations. In other words, Qualcomm only had 5G small base station chip products in the past, but this time the products have been extended to macro base station. It is reported that Qualcomm 5G RAN platform is expected to provide engineering samples to some network equipment manufacturers in the first half of 2022.With a good cooperative relationship with Qualcomm, the Gongjin Electronics' macro base station products with O-RAN QUALCOMM chip are also worthy of the expectation of the industry.
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