Gongjin Electronics South China Held the 2020 Annual Staff Commendation Conference and the Art Show of Loving Each Other with T&W People

In order to commend the advanced employees and set a good example, Gongjin Electronics South China held the 2020 annual staff commendation conference and the art show of loving each other with T&W people in Pingshan factory on May 8. 94 excellent employees, 15 craftsmen, 6 moved T&W people and 12 advanced teams were commended. 

After the commendation conference, the art show of loving each other with T&W people started. This year, 223 performers dedicated themselves to the show, and the number of participants hit a historical high. In the opening dance "the Spirit of Youth", basketball club members and dance club members jointly showed the vitality of T&W people's youth. Taicang selected dance program "the Fairy Water" and won the applause of the staff on the scene with its flexible dance posture and lighting effect. The company's senior executives and staff of various posts performed " T&W Story and T&W Love" to wish T&W a happy 30th birthday. T&W workers celebrated the party's birthday with the “Song for Festival”. In the end, the giant national flag made people moved for loving their country. The musical stage performance "We Are Striding Forwards" tells the development history of the company. T&W people, who have experienced the storm, will set out again hand in hand in the future.

@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics