Commencement Ceremony for Main Body of Vietnam T&W Production Park

At 9:08 a.m. local time, May 25th, the Vietnam T&W preparatory group of our company held a lively main body commencement ceremony on the project spot, marking that the project of Vietnam T&W Production Park had formally entered the stage of main body commencement.
At the ceremony, Wen Wanxing, Director of the Office of the Vietnam T&W Preparatory Group in Vietnam introduced the progress of the project on behalf of the company. As special guests, Zhang Xiaotao, VCEP’s Managing Director and Zhang Weisheng, Vietnam SVG’s Managing Director delivered a speech. Leaders and distinguished guests such as Director Li Wei of Coastal Defense Branch of the Chamber of Commerce, Deputy General Manager Chen Xu of VCEP, Deputy General Manager Yi Mingyong of International Trade Property Management, group members of the company’s infrastructure department in Vietnam and some coastal defense friends attended the commencement ceremony and highly appreciated our company for rapid advancement of the project of Vietnam T&W Production Park.
Chen Guozhong, General Manager of Vietnam Gongjin announced the commencement of the project at the ceremony. The leaders and distinguished guests on the spot waved shovels together, tossing sand and soil towards the cornerstone. For a moment, the machines roared, the fireworks were shot off and the applause was deafening. The lively atmosphere on the spot greatly encouraged each party of the construction to keep up high morale.
As a new base for the company to expand overseas businesses, Vietnam Production Park will become a powerful grasp for the company to increase business volumes in key areas like Japan, South Korea and Europe and arrange 5G base stations overseas. At the same time, it can further consolidate the company’s capacity to obtain big customer orders and quicken the establishment of the domestic and foreign double circulation system for the company’s businesses. In the short term, it can enlarge sales volumes for the company and solve some problems about overseas order production capacity. In the long term, it can enhance the stability of overseas businesses and bring a new growth point for the company.
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics