2020 Annual Performance Presentation Meetings of Gongjin Electronics

In order to strengthen communications with institution investors, analysts and industrial media, transmit company performance and business development tendencies to the market in a timely manner and establish the company’s brand image in the capital market, the Securities Department and the Legal Affairs Public Relations and Investment and Development Center, together with Yuediaoyan and Shanghai Stock Exchange, held three 2020 annual performance presentation meetings on Apr. 29th, May 7th and May 17th respectively. Leaders such as Company General Manager Hu Zumin, Deputy General Manager Wang Lan, Deputy General Manager Tang Xiaolin, Board Secretary He Yimeng and Legal Affairs Public Relations and Investment and Development Center General Manager Li Yan attended the performance presentation meetings.
On Apr. 29th, the company cooperated with the Yuediaoyan platform to hold the first performance presentation meeting in Shanghai. More than 30 public offering fund, private offering fund and securities analysts attended it on the spot. The meeting was held on the spot and also through live video streaming. More than 100 institution investors and analysts participated in the online broadcast. The performance presentation meeting held on May 7th adopted the form of online Q&A and was mainly attended by various medium and small investors. The performance presentation meeting held on May 17th was held at Shanghai Stock Exchange. More than 20 media and securities analysts attended it on the spot. At the same time, it was broadcast on the official platform of Shanghai Stock Exchange. At the performance presentation meeting, the company leaders introduced the company’s performance and operation highlights for 2020 to various investors, analysts and media. In the interaction link, the spot and online investors all actively raised questions and the company leaders offered in-depth replies to various questions concerning the company’s development strategy and new business progress, which were highly concerned by the market.
Most communications between the company and medium and small investors before adopted the online text form. This time, the way of combining offline meeting with live video streaming could not only produce the effect of face-to-face exchange but also could provide medium and small investors with an opportunity to deeper understand the company. Through online broadcast, more than 300,000 investors and analysts on the platform were offered an opportunity to understand Gongjin and the company was made more widely known.
The performance presentation meetings not only effectively shortened the distance between the company and investors but also increased the communication efficiency of both parties; not only made the operation philosophy of the company’s management more effectively accessible to investors but also made investors gain a deeper understanding of the company’s businesses. The performance presentation meetings were widely covered by media such as Securities Times, Financial Report of the 21st Century, Jiemian, Netease and PhoenixNet, making the company’s voices and investment values widely spread.
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