T&W Charity Foundation Held the 2021 Report-back Meeting about Consolation and Volunteer Teaching

On the afternoon of Jul. 10th, Shenzhen T&W Charity Foundation held the 2021 annual special report-back meeting about consolation and volunteer teaching in the conference room on Floor 2 of Building 4 in Pingshan. The companies in each area participated in the meeting by video. Wang Dawei, Managing Director of the company & Honorary Council Member of the foundation; Long Xiaojing, Deputy General Manager of the company & Council President of the foundation; Chen Kai, General Manager of the Human Resources and Administrative Management Center of the company & Council Vice-President of the foundation, working staffs of the foundation and 52 consolation and volunteer teaching members attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Managing Director Wang expressed sincere gratitude to the nine consolation and volunteer teaching teams for their hard work; eagerly instructed T&W employees not only to practice the enterprise tenet of “giving back to society” of Gongjin Electronics at any time, but also to keep in mind the significance and mission of the Jun. 1st “Continuous Love” Project of the foundation; and raised new requirements and expectations about the reporting materials submitted by the consolation and volunteer teaching teams - to publicize charity deeds to nearly 9,000 colleagues of the company so as to enhance the sense of mission and sense of responsibility about charity, and the influence of the foundation on society.
In June, 2021, nine consolation and volunteer teaching teams went to ten T&W hope primary schools in Guizhou, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Sichuan and Gansu respectively for carrying out continuous love activities. At the meeting, the representative of each team made a wonderful share about annual consolation and volunteer teaching to the attenders and raised improvement suggestions for some problems and flaws in the process of consolation and volunteer teaching.
Council President Long highly confirmed the Jun. 1st consolation and volunteer teaching for 2021 of the nine consolation and volunteer teaching teams. She said that T&W members should always interpret the service philosophy of “two-way harvest and two-way motivation” of the foundation with practical actions and real sentiments and profoundly influence the nearly 9,000 employees of Gongjin Electronics and 4,088 children in hope primary schools. At the same time, Council President Long eagerly raised the following suggestions as to the future work of the foundation: First, to continuously build the Jun. 1st “Continuous Love” Project brand, tap project highlights, continuously enrich the project connotation, enhance the project service effectiveness and summarize a scientific and feasible project service mode to facilitate the construction of hope primary schools. Second, to enter campuses for understanding children and earnestly solve a series of problems concerning hope primary school infrastructure, basic living equipments and facilities, audio-visual teaching level and children’s basic physiological and psychological demands based on realities. Third, to actively explore the communication mechanism between the foundation and the headmaster of each hope primary school and the platform construction mode for opening up a nice era of “new era, new charity & new journey”.
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