Supplier Management Department of South China Netcom Held Supplier Commendation Conference

Between Jul. 22nd and 23rd, the Supplier Management Department of South China Netcom held a supplier commendation conference at Pingshan headquarter to summarize and exchange business cooperation matters with each supplier. A total of seven suppliers were commended at the conference and Ren Yongqiang, Chief Inspector of the Supplier Management Center presented awards to them. In order to respond to epidemic prevention and avoid gathering of visitors, the suppliers were invited by batch to the supplier conference.
At the conference, our company and each supplier planned future cooperation and determined that the future cooperation would put emphasis on cost reduction and technology improvement. During the period, Chief Inspector Ren praised the seven suppliers for their full support to the work of our company and hope that in the later stage, both parties would conduct more technical exchanges to promote long-term cooperation and win-win.

@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics