Taicang T&W Smoothly Passed the Spot Assessment about Suzhou Quality Award

On Aug. 10th, the reviewing group of the Quality Award Assessment Committee of Suzhou City conducted a spot assessment about “Suzhou Quality Award” for one day for Taicang T&W. Yang Jinke, Deputy General Manager of East China Netcom and principals of relevant departments and employee representatives attended the assessment meeting on the spot and expressed warm welcome to the reviewing expert group.
The reviewing group is composed of three experts from the province or city. Vice Director Yang Lixian and Section Chief Wang Yunqiu of Taicang Market Bureau accompanied the whole meeting. The reviewing expert group rated for Taicang T&W from seven aspects, i.e. organizational leadership, strategy formulation & deployment, client & market satisfaction, resources & facilities, measurement analysis & improvement and operation results according to the national standard Excellent Performance Assessment Rules and made a spot investigation as to construction of the company’s laboratories and workshops.
The spot assessment was not only an effective supervision to the company’s quality work but also a full affirmation of government departments towards the company’s quality work. The guidance and diagnosis of the expert group would more lead us to think how the excellent performance management mode could be accurately implemented in the company’s development practice for a new era.
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics