Base Station Communication (Shanghai) Moved to a New Address

On Aug. 28th, Base Station Communication (Shanghai) was moved to a new address and launched Room 303-305, Building 12, Pudong Software Garden as its office. All employees of Base Station Communication (Shanghai) attended the housewarming ceremony, witnessing this important moment together.

The new address is Guo Shoujing Park, Zhangjiang Pudong Software Garden with an office area of more than 600 square meters, as well as complete facilities and functions. In the future, Base Station (Shanghai) will intensively handle businesses here, which can further promote team cooperation and atmosphere building and enhance the organizational effect.
At 10:18 a.m., witnessed by all colleagues of Base Station (Shanghai), General Manager Wei Lian cut the ribbon for the new office. Accompanied by people’s applause and blessings, the new office was formally thrust into operation. The inauguration of the new office represented the company’s persistent support towards 5G R&D. The colleagues in Zhangjiang said that the new office was in an area filled with R&D atmosphere, and welcomed the former colleagues from Hongqiao. The former colleagues from Hongqiao expressed understanding towards the company’s decision about relocation and assumed an active cooperative attitude. They were willing to overcome difficulties to work in Zhangjiang and satisfied about the relocation arrangement, hoping that the office merging could enhance communication efficiency and bring greater benefits for the company.
After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, adhering to the philosophy of the two founders of the company, i.e. Managing Director Wang and General Manager Tang, General Manager Wei delivered a concluding speech below a portrait, which was about the two founders tolling for the listing of Gongjin Electronics. The main ideas of his speech are as follows, “First, we, all employees of Base Station Communication, will thank the company for offering a stage for realizing our self values. Second, we will thank the working staffs who have done hard work for the relocation of the new office building. There are only four months left before 2021 comes to an end. Therefore, we should move into top gear for completing each assignment. We should have confidence and perseverance for winning victory, turn pressure into motivation, produce good products with steady functions, strive for more orders and achieve the annual target.”
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics