Capping Ceremony for Gongjin Technology Building Solemnly Held

On Sep. 8th, Gongjin Technology Building in Taicang City was successfully capped, and the capping ceremony was solemnly held on the spot. Company leaders Wang Dawei, Tang Fonan, Hu Zumin, Gong Pusheng and Long Xiaojing, leader representatives of each subsidiary, and relevant leaders from the construction unit attended the capping ceremony, jointly witnessing this exciting moment.
At the ceremony, the leader of the construction unit said in his speech that with the careful guidance and vigorous support of Gongjin Electronics, the project was smoothly capped. In the future, they would continue to guarantee safety production and create excellent projects so as to make new contributions to the sustainable development of Gongjin.
Managing Director Wang delivered a speech to celebrate the smooth capping of Gongjin Technology Building, and at the same time highly praise the rigorous professional attitude and working efficiency of the project construct unit, supervision unit, design unit and other cooperation units. Managing Director Wang mentioned that the construction of the building had encountered many difficulties, and many adverse factors such as revision of drawings, change of the fire-fighting program and influence by the epidemic. Therefore, the smooth capping was a result of all cooperation units cooperating at a high level and overcoming difficulties together. Managing Director Wang also pointed out that the building was named after technology just to demonstrate the company’s pursuit, that is, to guide the company’s marching direction with technological development and drive the company’s continuous growth with technologies. At the same time, by following the principle of opening up, Gongjin Technology Building could provide a certain proportion of rooms for rental or external cooperation. Through further opening cooperation platforms, new partners could make progress together with Gongjin in this building. He hoped that after the building was thrust into operation in the future, it could be filled with scientific researchers so that it could be thriving and make new contributions to technological progress of the company and our motherland.
Amid the jubilant gun salutes, the company leaders and distinguished guests waved shovels together to cover the last concrete for Gongjin Technology Building. All the people witnessed this joyful moment of the major structure of the building being smoothly capped. The capping of Gongjin Technology Building will further enhance the company’s enterprise image and brand reputation in Taicang City, and at the same time embody the company’s firm confidence about pursuing technological development.
As a new advanced office building invested by the company, Gongjin Technology Building has 20 storeys above the ground and 2 storeys undergrounds, with a total construction area of 49,576.49 square meters (above-ground construction area: 32,800.59 square meters, underground construction area: 16,775.9 square meters) and a total construction height of 93.6 meters. The building is a green two-star one, with unit all-glass curtain walls and open external landscape design. The total investment of the project is about 0.3 billion yuan. According to the program, the curtain walls and outdoor road landscape projects will be completed in May 2022, and the building will be trust into operation after being decorated in August 2023.
As a technology building with a sense of design beauty and technological modernization, Gongjin Technology Building is condensed with the wisdom and perspiration of T&W employees and carries their hope and blessings. Its completion will become the best witness for the development and change of the company, and inject new technological forces into its path of transformation and development in the future.
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics