1,065 Sets of Love Bedclothes Arriving at T&W Hope Primary Schools

Once in students’ dormitories of T&W Hope Primary Schools, yellowed and thin bedclothes accompanied children through each long night of cold winter, making people feel sorry. After knowing about this situation, the working staffs of the foundation took an initiative to search for resources and planned the public welfare activity of “T&W cotton, warm trip”. They rapidly sorted out the inventory bedclothes in Taicang Industrial Park and donated them to 10 T&W Hope Primary Schools. The headmasters of T&W Hope Primary Schools responded actively to sort out information of resident students and impoverished students and put the public welfare activity into practice.
At the beginning of Septembers, through joint efforts of different parties, the 1,065 sets of love bedclothes donated by Shenzhen T&W Love and Public Welfare Foundation started from Taicang T&W, over hills and dales, and across more than 2,000 kilometers to reach the hands of 483 resident students and 256 impoverished students of 10 T&W Hope Primary Schools in Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shaanxi and Gansu.
As soon as Headmaster Zheng of Gansu Li County T&W Hope Primary School received the love bedclothes, he told the working staffs of the foundation, “The school is in a remote mountainous area, with inconvenient traffic and at a high altitude, so the winter is the most difficult time for children. These bedclothes are like fuels in snowy weather, adding thick warmth for severe winters. The children are very happy.”
The students from T&W Hope Primary Schools of different places excitedly expressed gratitude to the foundation. Li Yaxing, a student representative from Yunnan Xizhou T&W Hope Primary School said at the love bedclothes issuing ceremony, “As students of T&W Hope Primary School, we will remember this love all our lives, turn it into a motive force for improving ourselves through unremitting efforts and studying hard, and turn it into a courage for overcoming difficulties and advancing despite difficulties. With excellent performance, we will repay our parents for their grace of upbringing, repay the foundation for its loving care and live up to the earnest expectations of all sectors of society.” Cheng Tianyan, a student from Guizhou Congjiang T&W Hope Primary School said, “T&W warms my heart as well as the whole winter. It makes the whole winter warm. Though the winter is cold, I feel very warm. In the future, I will become a dandelion to spread your selfless and extensive love to the whole world, and transmit it to those needing help. I will learn to fly like a bird.”
Though the bedclothes were not expensive, they were full of kindness and could make children in mountainous areas be warmed. The “warm trip” displayed the persistent love of T&W Foundation towards hope primary schools.
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