The company Presenting Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts to Employees

A new mid-autumn festival is coming. “On full-moon night of nostalgia, it’s the thought that counts. Blessings are sent so that you can enjoy a merry mid-autumn festival.” The congratulations written by Managing Director Wang for all employees of the company would be routinely printed on the moon cake boxes every year and sent to the employees. On Sep. 18th, which was near the mid-autumn festival, the company presented mid-autumn festival gifts to employees of the company in different areas.
The fourth quarter would be the busiest season of the company, and all employees of the company would expect the last battle and harvest of the year. Around the mid-autumn festival, all employees of the company entered the stage of learning the “fundamental law”, Gongjin Technology Building in Taicang City was successfully capped and we would hold the fourth T&W Workers’ Games. Gongjin’s headquarter sent moon cakes to subsidiaries and branch companies in each area, and at the same time presented them a collection of internal employees’ poems and a collection of internal employees’ essays, which were bought by Managing Director Wang. Due to these books, the mid-autumn festival gifts that day appeared extremely elegant. On that day, Module Communication (Xi’an) held a birthday party for employees whose birthdays were in September or October. Deputy General Manager Yang Yu of Module Communication sent mid-autumn festival blessings in person to the colleagues, presented birthday gifts to them and read books with them.

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