The Fourth T&W Workers’ Games Successfully Held in Taicang Industrial Park

On Sep. 25th, the Fourth T&W Workers’ Games was solemnly opened in Taicang Industrial Park. Gongjin’s athletes from different places gathered in Taicang to participate in the grand meeting. There were altogether 262 participating athletes, who came from 7 delegations, i.e. South China Netcom delegation, East China Netcom delegation, Wenyuan Technology delegation, Base Station Communication delegation, Module Communication delegation, Haiyun Detection delegation and Headquarter Platform delegation. Gongjin’s seven delegations competed in Taicang for 24 championships of 7 events, i.e. basketball game, table tennis game, badminton game, football game, track event and field event. Based on the overall performance, East China Netcom delegation, South China Netcom delegation and Haiyun Detection delegation got the first, second and third place respectively. In the concluding speech delivered by Managing Director Wang Dawei on the spot, he called on all employees to carry forward sportsmanship, strive to be swifter, higher and stronger, create new glories in Gongjin’s secondary entrepreneurship, lead the world in professional subdivided areas, form a vigorous discourse power again and establish an industry benchmark.
As a great event of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Gongjin, the Fourth T&W Workers’ Games were successfully held after elaborate preparations and intense operations, and through all kinds of difficulties. Each subsidiary responded actively, made a full mobilization and presented a mental outlook of striving hard and working as one in the games. On Sep. 24th, the preliminary contest for the Fourth T&W Workers’ Games started in the sports center of Taicang Industrial Park. It was the first T&W workers’ games held in the sports center after it was built. Balls were flying to and fro in the air, athletes’ footsteps were rubbing against the bright new wooden floors, and cheers and applause were heard now and then in fierce competitions. T&W athletes from different areas competed on the same stage, fighting hard with sweat in preliminaries of basketball game, table tennis game and badminton game respectively. The table tennis game and badminton game this year produced many excellent new players. The basketball game was a close race, in which, Wenyuan Technology delegation failed with a weak scoring gap but still presented a vigorous strength. Through single rounds of knockout in the preliminary contest and the intermediary contest, Headquarter Platform delegation defeated Base Station Communication delegation to win the third place, and South China Netcom delegation and East China Netcom delegation became qualified for the final.

On Sep. 25th, the games were solemnly opened. Company leaders Wang Dawei, Hu Zumin, Wang
Lan, Gong Pusheng, Wei Yiming, Tang Xiaolin, Long Xiaojing and He Yimeng, and leaders from the seven subsidiaries and each platform all attended the opening ceremony. The bright five-star red flag, T&W company flag and flag of the games were raised in the air of the main venue of the sports center of Taicang Industrial Park. The delegations entered in orderly arrays, and sang the national anthem together to greet the Fourth T&W Workers’ Games.

After the closing ceremony, in order to celebrate the 30th birthday of Gongjin and the successful holding of T&W Workers’ Games, the company specifically held a firework show of unprecedented scale on the 6G plaza when night fell. All T&W athletes and Taicang employees jointly appreciated this thrilling firework feast.
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics