Taicang T&W Signing an Agreement on the Project of 5G Intelligent Digital Factory

On the morning of Oct. 13th, the conference for accelerating intelligent reconstruction and digital transformation of Taicang City was solemnly held in Baolong Fupeng Sheraton Hotel of Taicang City. Wang Xiangyuan, Secretary of Taicang Municipal Committee of the CPC; Hu Weijiang, Vice Secretary of the Municipal Committee & Acting Mayor of the Municipal Government and other leaders attended the conference. Jointly witnessed by the leaders, on behalf on Taicang T&W, General Manager Yi Wanchun of East China Netcom signed a formal agreement on the project of 5G intelligent digital factory with Suzhou Branch of China Mobile Communications (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
The formal signing of this project will further integrate advantageous resources of both parties in technology and talent. By relying on both parties’ advanced technologies in NB-IoT, 5G and intelligent manufacturing, focusing on three themes, i.e. theoretical research, industrial application and market service, and being supported by research center, experimental platform and demonstration platform, both parties will conduct researches about 5G technologies and applications, explore and expedite 5G new applications and new modes, and promote 5G commercialization and industrial chain development.
As Suzhou Branch of China Mobile Communications (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd has established strategic cooperation relations with Taicang T&W, both parties will be the first to conduct mobile 5G experimental network construction and outfield tests in China based on Suzhou and make joint innovations on 5G technologies, standards and applications. At the same time, it will facilitate the construction of new Jiangsu Province with “powerful economy, rich people, beautiful environment and a high degree of social civilization”, quicken industrial transformation and upgrading of Suzhou and constitute an industrial ecology of vitality, continuous innovation, mutual benefit, win-win and value sharing so that more people will benefit from the achievements of the development of the information communication technology.
Sketch about the 8th T&W Hope Primary School “Flying Your Hope” Summer Camp (Lanzhou)
On Sep. 30th, 20 students and 4 teachers from Li County and Hezheng T&W Hope Primary Schools of Gansu Province gathered in Gansu Lanzhou National Defense Education Base to prepare for the 8th T&W Hope Primary School “Flying Your Hope” Summer Camp (Lanzhou). Tan Qi and Yang Yanna, as working staffs of T&W Love and Public Welfare Foundation, rehearsed the opening ceremony with all teachers and students of the summer camp, and interpreted some notes about the summer camp to greet the forthcoming opening.
Affected by the epidemic, the summer camp was put off to the National Day period after a long preparation. Each province would form a camp according to its own situation. Lanzhou was the first to hold it. Now, the camp was smoothly closed.
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