Zhu Yuhao of the Company Attending Greater Bay Area IoT Innovation Technology & Application Conference

On Oct. 20th, the 2021 Greater Bay Area IoT Innovation Technology & Application Conference was successfully held in Shenzhen International Convention Center. The conference was guided by Shenzhen Science and Technology Association, sponsored by Shenzhen IoT Industrial Association and co-sponsored by Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd. With the theme of “innovation driving & industrial energization”, the conference gathered voices from scientific research institutions, enterprises and social organizations, shared IoT development experience of regional economies from forward-looking and industrial perspectives,  explored the development bottleneck of the IoT industry, strengthened the exchange, cooperation and collaborative innovation between IoT technology and application of Greater Bay Area and promoted IoT industrial upgrading.

In terms of IoT technological application, Zhu Yuhao, Director of Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory & R&D Director of Gongjin was invited to deliver a speech. Focusing on the theme of “technological innovation about whole house intelligence and family network”, Zhu Yuhao demonstrated technologies such as “whole house intelligence”, “wireless interconnection”, “all optical family network” and “5G small family base station” on the spot, was interviewed by media such as Shenzhen Evening News and Sina, and raised the concept of "definitive experience" for family network. Representatives from Public Relations Department of the company also attended the conference. Zhu Yuhao introduced to the journalists that affected by many factors such as urbanization degree, building wall structure and development stage of operators, family network is facing many challenges. For example, due to WiFi’s penetration through a brick or concrete wall in China, PLC power communication is facing uncertainty caused by family power grid wiring structure and interference. At the same time, with the improvement of people’s living standard and the development of technological applications, various family applications have been popularized and diversified with each passing day, so excellent broadband network business experience about real-time interactive high-definition video, online game, online classroom or other rigid demands is becoming more and more important; future-oriented business experience about augmented reality (AR), UltimateHD VR and holographic interaction is becoming more and more expectant; all these will constitute a new challenge for family network.
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