Gongjin Electronics (South China Region) Organizing the Youth Group Mid-year Inspirational Trip

 When late autumn turned cold, the youngsters of T&W headed for the winding and steep Canton Grand Canyon in red souvenir T-shirts commemorating the 30th anniversary of the founding of the company. They challenged themselves by going there and back twice. Clusters of flames from T&W lighted up layer upon layer of peaks and knolls along the way. In mid and late October, Gongjin Electronics (South China Region) organized two batches of colleagues successively to go to Canton Grand Canyon for youth group mid-year inspirational trips. 764 youth group colleagues above Level M4, P5 from South China Region participated in the activity. Company leaders Wang Dawei, Wang Lan, Long Xiaojing, Wei Honghai and Chen Kai joined in the inspirational trips.
Canton Grand Canyon is located in Shaoguan City, with criss-cross canyons and ravines, densely-arranged picturesque peaks and precipitous mountains. There are altogether 5,500 steps for the whole journey. Of them, the path up the hill and the ladder towards the sky at Tenglong Pond are important sections for testing physical strength, endurance and willpower due to their greatest climbing difficulty. All T&W warriors feared nothing and accepted the challenge one after another.
On Oct. 16th and 17th, Gongjin Electronics (South China Region) organized the first batch of colleagues for a youth group mid-year inspirational trip, which was participated in by 436 people from the youth group in Shenzhen. A total of 413 team members completed the whole challenge, with the climbing completion rate being 94.7% and the general average time being 3 hours and 03 minutes. Tang Xinbo from Department of Network & Infrastructure Operation & Maintenance won men’s first with 1 hours, 39 minutes and 19 seconds, and Wang Gui from Department of Public Relations won women’s first with 2 hours, 0 minute and 10 seconds. Apart from mountain climbing, there was an item called “braveness & resourcefulness”. Each team could score extra points through the game. Eventually, Team 11 led by Liu Yan of Secretariat Division, General Manager’s Office won group’s first with the highest total score, and Team 10 and Team 6 won the second and third places respectively. The leaders presented awards to them on the spot.
On Oct. 23rd and 24th, Gongjin Electronics (South China Region) organized the second batch of colleagues to Canton Grand Canyon for a youth group min-year inspirational trip, which was participated in by 328 employees above Level M4, P5. On Oct. 22nd, Managing Director Wang Dawei pitched into the work in person and completed the Grand Canyon challenge following the whole route of the youth group inspirational trip at an advanced age of 77. On Oct. 23rd, Managing Director Wang attended the second youth group mid-year inspirational trip and delivered a mobilization speech based on himself as an example. He points out that whether passively or actively, everyone will face different challenges in different stages of life. Today, there is a rare challenge opportunity jointly designed and actively participated in by us, so I hope everyone can actively respond to it and return in triumph. Managing Director Wang reviewed the company’s inspirational trips in recent years and the fighting spirit of T&W employees, and encouraged them to fear nothing about challenges, keep a strong physique and actively embrace responsibility as young people in the new era.
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics