Leaders from China Mobile Zijin Research Institute & Suzhou Mobile Visiting Taicang Factory for an Investigation

 In order to fully understand the production and delivery capacity of Base Station Communication of Gongjin Electronics in 5G small base station products at family level, and further deepen cooperation on the project of 5G intelligent digital factory, on the afternoon of Oct. 21st, Deputy Director Zhao Danhuai and Wireless Product Principal Zheng Kang of China Mobile Zijin Research Institute; General Manager Zheng Ling and Deputy General Manager Wu Jia of Taicang Branch of Suzhou Mobile, etc. visited Taicang Factory for an investigation. Leaders such as General Manager Wei Lian of Base Station Communication and Deputy General Manager Yang Jinke of East China Netcom gave them a warm reception.
At the exchange meeting, General Manager Wei Lian and Deputy General Manager Yang Jinke successively introduced the company’s development status and manufacturing capacity in detail. Subsequently, both parties made deep exchanges and explorations about 5G smart factory and intelligent manufacturing, and hoped that this opportunity could promote the transformation and upgrading of 5G industries and improve the quality and efficiency of the communication industry.
After the symposium, leaders from China Mobile Zijin Research Institute and Suzhou Mobile visited the production workshop, inquired in detail about the investment and strength of Taicang Factory in technological R&D and manufacturing capacity, and highly praised its 5G manufacturing ability on the spot. They say that Taicang Factory has a rigorous and scientific quality management system and leads the industry in 5G manufacturing ability, so it is a high-quality customer of Mobile. By taking this opportunity of strategic cooperation, apart from making traditional communication businesses bigger and stronger, both parties will further give full play to their respective resource and professional advantages, jointly study 5G smart factory and other new technologies or applications, establish strategic cooperation relations of complementing each other's advantages, mutual benefit and win-win, and lay a solid foundation for in-depth cooperation in the future.
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