Gongjin Electronics South China Region Organizing the 2021 Zhuhai Hengqin Inspirational Trip

On Nov. 6th, Gongjin Electronics South China Region organized employees to Hengqin, Zhuhai for the 2021 middle-aged group inspirational trip, which was participated in by 99 people in Shenzhen, mainly people above the age of 45 and some employees on leave from the youth group.
The Winter Solstice was to come, but Zhuhai was still unbearably hot. The high temperature of 30 degrees centigrade undoubtedly added to the difficulty of the activity. The whole hiking distance was 18 kilometers. In order to encourage the employees to break through themselves and challenge the limit, Managing Director Wang set a special award, which would be presented to those over-fulfilling the challenge. If one could continue to walk 30 kilometers after covering 18 kilometers, he/she would get 1,000 yuan as a reward. At the word of command, all employees dashed ahead against the scorching sun along the coastline. Eventually, 91 team members completed the 18-kilometer challenge with the completion rate being 91.9% and the average time being 3 hours, 20 minutes and 48 seconds. Meng Youqing from Department of Equipment Management of South China Netcom won men’s first with 2 hours, 27 minutes and 12 seconds, Chang Yuxia from Pingshan Administration Department won women’s first with 2 hours and 32 minutes, and Rao Daoyong from Department of Supplier Management of Supply & Management Center of South China Netcom completed the 30-kilometer challenge with 4 hours and 11 minutes and won the special award.

Managing Director Wang Dawei delivered a concluding speech. He points out that we are facing pressures from the government, market, employees and ourselves. The government is keeping on raising output targets. However, in this hostile market environment, and under the pressure of paying ever-increasing employee salaries, it is more arduous to become a world-leading communication equipment manufacturer. From three areas, i.e. new area, new exploration and new intensity, Managing Director Wang concluded that innovation was needed at present and only reformation could facilitate advanced and lean production. “I think no assignment cannot be accomplished, no difficulty cannot be overcome and no enemy cannot be defeated.” Quoting the words of combat hero Yang Gensi, Managing Director Wang encouraged us to have a heroic spirit, and make innovation and overcome difficulty in the year of Tiger to facilitate the development of the company. At the same time, Managing Director Wang initially determined the company’s inspirational slogan for 2022 as “make innovation and overcome difficulty like a brave tiger”.
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics