Focusing on “City of Future” Pingshan Investment Attraction Conference

 “The preferred place for a project in Shenzhen is Pingshan District.” On Nov. 5th, 2021, the launching ceremony for Shenzhen Pingshan Investment Attraction Conference of was held, and Yang Jun, Party Secretary of Pingshan District Committee sent enthusiastic invitations to massive entrepreneurs and investors. The spot of the investment attraction conference was crowded with magnates. Nearly one hundred famous enterprises gathered in this blessed entrepreneurial place and investment highland to know about this thriving place. There were 38 key industrial projects signed on the spot with an intended investment amount of 56.8 billion yuan. Of them, there is no lack of big enterprises of biological medicine and new generation of information technology. Our company signed major investment projects with Pingshan District.
Secretary Yang Jun said, “To choose Pingshan is to choose growing with a hot soil with the most innovation potential and the most investment values in Shenzhen, is to choose hugging the ‘made in Pingshan’ industrial blue sea and first-rate ecology of energized innovation, and is to choose a nice future with infinite prospects!” Yang Jun said that Pingshan would be a good “forest ranger” for innovation and entrepreneurship, be a good “servant” for project construction, be a good “attendant” for enterprise development, devote greater effort to attract more excellent enterprises to invest in Pingshan and spare no efforts to let international advanced talents gather in Pingshan for innovation, let first-rate innovation enterprises gather in Pingshan for development and let diversified innovation elements gather in Pingshan for fusion.
Gongjin’s General Manager Hu Zumin attended the investment attraction conference on behalf of the company and successfully signed major future investment projects with Pingshan District. Before the conference, he was interviewed by Shenzhen Radio & Television Group and Pingshan Convergence Media. On behalf of the company, General Manager Hu expressed gratitude to functional departments at different levels in Pingshan District, thinking “Based on ‘full life circle service’ and starting from actual demands of enterprises, functional departments at different levels in Pingshan District provide targeted services for enterprises and have a high handling efficiency. To let the development demands of enterprises be immediately responded to and the development difficulties of enterprises be immediately concerned about will enhance close contact between enterprises and Pingshan District Government. In the future, the company will be gradually transformed from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, realize digital construction of the industrial park and make its own contribution to the construction of this city of future.”
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