1,252 Charity Winter Coats Were Donated to T&W Hope Primary Schools

Though the coats are old, my love is real. On Nov. 25th, the Foundation conducted a winter coat donation activity, which attracted widespread attention and participation of a great majority of staffs of the enterprise. On Dec. 16th, together with subsidiaries in each area, the Foundation organized a dozen volunteers to classify, sort out and pack 1,246 charity winter coats donated by the staffs. The charity winter coats were put in 52 boxes in total. Through packaging and sorting, the volunteers perfectly interpreted the volunteer spirit of “dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance and progress”. On Dec. 18th, the charity winter coats were sent to T&W Hope Primary Schools in each area.
Charity originates from love and lays stress on action. The charity winter coat donation activities have been conducted for a dozen years. The activity each year fully embodies the company’s high sense of social responsibility and each donating staff’s love.
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics