Hu Weijiang, Mayor of Taicang, and His Accompanying Staff Came to Taicang T&W for Greetings and Investigation

On the afternoon of January 18, Hu Weijiang, Mayor of Taicang City, and his accompanying staff came to Taicang T&W to express greetings on the Spring Festival and conduct investigation, which was warmly received by Yang Jinke, Director of Taicang T&W. Mayor Hu first awarded the honorary card of "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise of Taicang City in 2021" to the company, which fully affirmed Taicang T&W's contribution to Taicang as a key industrial enterprise in the city. At the symposium, Mayor Hu learned about the economic benefits of our company in 2021 in detail, and expressed deep concern about the work direction and business objectives of our company in 2022. At the same time, according to the epidemic prevention policies of enterprises before and after the Spring Festival, he emphasized that epidemic control must be put in the first place. Mayor Hu encouraged the development of enterprises in all aspects, proposed that the government will give strong support if there are difficulties in the process of enterprise construction, and wished all employees of T&W a happy New Year in advance.
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