T&W Charity Foundation Went to Baoxing Hospital to Carry out Serious Illness Care Activities

On the morning of February 13, T&W Charity Foundation went to Baoxing Hospital to carry out serious illness care activities, and held a meeting on "Guarding Lifeline" of serious illness care, namely, project summary report in 2021 in Xinbaoxing Hemodialysis Center. Shen Kai, Vice Chairman of T&W Charity Foundation, Zhang Ting, Secretary General, Chen Xiaofeng, Director of Baoxing Hospital, Ma Bin, Director of Hemodialysis Center of Baoxing Hospital, Xu Hengchang, Deputy Director, Yang Longgang, Secretary General of Baoxing Kidney Friends Mutual Aid and Care Center, and representatives of patients attended the meeting.
Serious illness care has been carried out for years. At the end of 2020, the Foundation and Baoxing Hospital launched the "Guarding Lifeline" public welfare project based on the project. Because uremic patients lose the function of urine detoxification, their blood has to be pumped out for dialysis and detoxification by medical equipment, and then returned to the body, so surgery is needed to reconstruct the vascular access. This path is called "lifeline". Lifeline reconstruction surgery is difficult and vascular access cannot be used repeatedly, and patients suffer from continuous reconstruction of vascular access all the year round. The project aims to care for the life of patients with kidney disease, provide material and spiritual help for patients with kidney disease, and jointly support the development of medical public welfare undertakings in Shenzhen.
Chen Xiaofeng, Director of Baoxing Hospital first delivered a speech and expressed his heartfelt thanks to T&W Charity Foundation. He said that the "Guarding Lifeline" public welfare project lit up a beacon of hope for patients with kidney disease (uremia) in Baoxing Hospital and encouraged them to face life more positively and optimistically. Ma Bin, Director of Hemodialysis Center of Baoxing Hospital, and Xu Hengchang, Deputy Director, respectively explained and reported the current situation, characteristics and project implementation of patients with kidney disease in Shenzhen. In 2021, a total of 25 patients with kidney disease were funded by the Foundation and successfully completed vascular access surgery; and a total of 130 patients with kidney disease received love materials from the Foundation.
Shen Kai, Vice Chairman of T&W Charity Foundation, delivered a speech, expressing the purpose of the Foundation and the purpose of Gongjin Electronics and their actively participation in the Hope Project and social welfare for a long time. Among them, the serious illness care project has been practiced for 15 years. For patients with cerebral palsy, disabled people and patients with kidney disease, the Foundation has never stopped paying close attention to special social groups, and will, as always, support the project to help patients with kidney disease improve their quality of life. Finally, T&W Charity Foundation and Baoxing Hospital signed a cooperation agreement on the project of serious illness care - guarding lifeline in 2022, and sent New Year greetings and materials to patients with kidney disease in Baoxing Hospital.
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