The Leaders of Pingshan District Federation of Trade Unions Came to the Company for Investigation

On the morning of March 11, Lu Yang, Deputy Director of the Group Work Department of Pingshan District, Shenzhen, and Vice Chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions, and his accompanying staff visited Pingshan Park of the company to investigate the work of the company's trade unions. Shen Kai, General Manager of the company's human resources administration center, and Ren Yongqiang, Director of the co-management center and chairman of the trade union, received the visiting leaders.
The two sides held a discussion in the VIP room on the fourth and seventh floors. Mr. Shen first introduced the company's current business development and epidemic prevention and control to the visiting leaders, and expressed deep gratitude to the higher-level trade unions for their careful guidance and help. Chairman Ren reported on trade union work such as trade union transfer, payment of membership fees, and study of members' performance of duties, and hoped that the District Federation of Trade Unions would continue to give guidance and help. Vice Minister Lu first congratulated the newly elected chairman, vice chairman and members of the Gongjin Trade Union, and hoped everyone has a high ideological understanding of the value of trade union work, under the strong leadership of the Party Committee, trade unions should focus on promoting the high-quality development of enterprises, building harmonious labor relations, safeguarding workers' rights and interests, etc., and come up with an annual work plan as soon as possible, and Pingshan District Federation of Trade Unions will, as always, give greater support. Vice Minister Lu sincerely hoped that Gongjin Electronics will develop better and better in Pingshan. Subsequently, the leaders of Pingshan District Federation of Trade Unions visited five staff activity centers in Pingshan Park and spoke highly of them.
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