The Expert Group of Jinan Public Security Bureau Came to Wenyuan for Guidance

On the afternoon of March 5, Nie Shijie and other members of an expert group of Jinan Public Security Bureau visited Wenyuan to carry out investigation and guidance, accompanied by Huang Shenwang, General Manager of Wenyuan Communication, and Wang Jia, Deputy General Manager.
The expert group showed strong interest in the development of 5G cutting-edge technology, and focused on visiting Wenyuan Product Business Exhibition Hall and Police-Enterprise Joint Laboratory, to learn more about the latest research and development achievements in Wenyuan's 5G police communication field and the application of 5G equipment in smart communities, and to discuss in depth the application and transformation of innovative achievements of 5G police equipment and joint laboratory.
The expert Nie Shijie pointed out that Wenyuan is a local high-tech enterprise with independent core technology research and development capabilities in Shandong and one of the strategic partners of Jinan Public Security Bureau. In the field of police equipment, Wenyuan's achievements are obvious to all. In the future, it is expected that Wenyuan and Jinan Public Security Bureau will strengthen cooperation in the field of 5G police equipment. Through the Police-Enterprise Joint Laboratory, the two sides will carry out in-depth exchanges, promote the transformation of laboratory innovation achievements, and help Jinan's intelligent public security construction, mutual assistance and win-win development.
Huang Shenwang extended a warm welcome to the expert group for the guidance on behalf of Wenyuan. He mentioned that Wenyuan's achievements today cannot be separated from the work support of Jinan Public Security Bureau, and in the future, Wenyuan will give full play to its technological advantages and innovation ability, provide high-quality products and services in combination with the actual needs of Jinan Public Security Bureau, and stabilize the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides through the Police-Enterprise Joint Laboratory, thus providing strong support for the development of public security construction of the Municipal Bureau.
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