Subsidiaries of the Company Distributed Gifts for Female Employees on Women's Day

It’s the bloomy spring. March 8 is annual goddess festival. Subsidiaries of the company carried out activities to celebrate March 8 and distribute holiday gifts to all female employees. The EAP project team of the company also sent out psychological invitation benefits to all female employees. On this day, various departments arranged half-day leave or follow-up leave for female employees.
On the same day, Pingshan Administration Department organized the distribution of Women's Day gifts to female employees. This time, handmade DIY holly was distributed for female employees at Level 5 or above, which has special significance. The gift was completed under the cooperation of "children of stars" and male employees of various departments. Employees below Level 5 who have been employed for half a year will be given desk lamps, which can provide convenience for female employees in makeup and study.
In Taicang Park, Taicang T&W Administration Department has set up windows for female employees on each floor of the canteen, and female employees who eat on the same day can enjoy exclusive passages and extra meals. In addition, the Administration Department customized four goddess-specific gifts according to the different needs of female employees, and set up AI fun games and art paper-cutting activities at the gift-giving site, which won unanimous praise from female employees.
In Dalian Subsidiary, the General Management Department prepared a "gift from the stars" for all female employees, and prepared a beautiful bouquet for female employees of Dalian Gongjin Company.
In this early spring, all employees got together to have barbecue at noon to warm the festive atmosphere. In the afternoon, they had pottery making activities. Everyone was very interested. Under the guidance of teachers, we have exchanged ceramic history, trained base making skills, and experienced feelings manually. Finally, we began to make and create various excellent works.
Female employees said that this activity is very meaningful, which not only enriches cultural life, improves everyone's aesthetic quality and practical ability, but also makes all female employees feel the company's care and love for them and increases their happiness.
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