Taicang T&W Electronics Co., Ltd. Held the Kick-off Meeting of Jiangsu Standardization Pilot Project

On the afternoon of June 22, Taicang T&W held the kick-off meeting of "Jiangsu Province Strategic Emerging Industry Standardization Pilot Project" in Conference Room 120 of R&D Building. Yang Lixian, Deputy Director of Taicang Market Supervision Bureau, Hu Hongwei, Deputy Director of High-tech Zone Branch, Feng Limin, Section Chief of the Municipal Standards and Metrology Section, Yan Mingzhu, Deputy Section Chief, and Lu Xing, Head of High-tech Zone Branch attended the kick-off meeting in person. Ceng Tao, R&D Director of Taicang T&W, Gu Pingping, Public Relations Department, and representatives from relevant departments attended the meeting. The kick-off meeting was presided over by Gu Pingping.
On May 25, the Jiangsu Market Supervision Administration and the Jiangsu Development & Reform Commission jointly issued the Notice on Issuing the Pilot Project of Standardization of Strategic Emerging Industries and Service Industries in Jiangsu Province in 2022, Taicang T&W's pilot project of standardization of strategic emerging industries of base station equipment in the frequency band below 6GHz for 5G network is the only project in Taicang area that has been approved in the field of strategic emerging industries this year.
At the meeting, Yang Lixian, Deputy Director of Taicang Market Supervision Bureau, delivered a speech: Taicang City has vigorously implemented the "Standardization Plus" strategy, and made remarkable progress and achievements in the development of standards at all levels and the "going global" of Chinese standards. 38 new national landmarks have been released and implemented in the city. We recognize the foundation and strength of T&W electronic standardization work, and congratulate the evaluated standardization pilot enterprises. We hope to carry out standardization pilot construction, well perform standardization, actively participate in the formulation of national and industry standards by relying on products and our own advantages, and enhance the influence of the enterprise. Feng Limin, Section Chief of Standards and Metrology Section of Market Supervision Bureau, and Yan Mingzhu, Deputy Section Chief, gave special counseling and training for the project.
The construction period of the project is two years. I hope to take this opportunity to help the company establish a sound and complete standard system for strategic emerging enterprises, strengthen the construction of the company's standardization professionals, enhance the overall strength level of enterprise standardization, deep explore the standards in related technical fields, form an executable, replicable and scalable standardization work mode and path, and build a benchmarking emerging industry standardization demonstration enterprise.
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