Relevant Personnel of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation Visited Our Company for Exchanges and Cooperation

On June 24, Zhang Haiying, Director of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Export & Credit Insurance), and other leaders visited our company for guidance. Wu Ying, General Manager of Financial Asset Management Center, Gou Zeshun, Chief Financial Officer, and Fan Haiman, Manager of Credit Management Department met with the visiting leaders.
Gou Zeshun and Fan Haiman respectively introduced the business operation of our company, expressing that our company still maintains the trend of continuous and good business development although the current external environment is severe, stated the construction status of overseas investment projects in Vietnam, and put forward the current quota demands and insurance needs. Director Zhang Haiying of China Export & Credit Insurance responded to this and analyzed the recent policy support, and shared and guided underwriting information for other information needs of our company about India.
Wu Ying expressed his gratitude to the leaders of China Export & Credit Insurance for their support to our company, and hoped to reach a better cooperation consensus and help T&W's business to continue to grow through the communication and exchange of information and demands.
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