Bank of Ningbo and Our Company Signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

On June 20, Wang Yongjie, Vice President of Head Office of Bank of Ningbo, Zhu Xiuwen, General Manager of Credit Approval Department, Yan Yingjie, President of Shenzhen Branch, and other delegations visited Nanshan Branch, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with our company, and held talks on the follow-up in-depth cooperation between banks and enterprises. Tang Xiaolin, Deputy General Manager of the company, and Wu Ying, General Manager of the Financial Management Center, received the visiting leaders.
First, Vice President Wang Yongjie introduced Bank of Ningbo to the vistors. As a joint-stock listed bank with total assets exceeding RMB 2.2 trillion, more than 24,000 employees and ranking 103rd among global banks, Bank of Ningbo has cooperated with our company for more than 5 years. Different from the traditional service projects of large state-owned banks, Bank of Ningbo mainly provides enterprises with all-round characteristic services, mainly including: "foreign exchange housekeeper", which provides hedging products such as exchange rate, interest rate and options for import and export enterprises to help enterprises avoid exchange rate and interest rate risks; and "treasury butler", which provides enterprises with full-scene and one-stop smart financial technology services. At present, Bank of Ningbo has cooperated with our company in these high-quality characteristic businesses.
Tang Xiaolin, Deputy General Manager, introduced the strategic layout of our company in the past five years and the performance in the past three years to Bank of Ningbo. At the same time, she introduced the stable management team and scientific corporate governance structure of our company to ensure the safe and reliable cash flow management system of T&W. At the same time, she expressed her earnest hope that Bank of Ningbo can fully cooperate with the construction of a new track for technology enterprises and support the development of new business format of our company.
With regard to the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed this time, based on the principle of "sharing resources, complementing each other's advantages, win-win cooperation and promoting development together", both parties will carry out all-round and multi-level cooperation in the fields of comprehensive credit granting, foreign currency financing and fund settlement, and comprehensively establish a strategic partnership of bank-enterprise cooperation, which provides strong support for the business development of our company and effectively enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of the company.
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