The Company's Branches Carried Out a Series of Activities on Children's Day

On May 31 and June 1, the company's branches carried out a series of interesting Children's Day activities. Saying hello to childhood and escorting childlike innocence, small gifts were full of the company's enthusiastic care for employees' children, conveying holiday blessings and childlike innocence happiness.
On May 31, Pingshan T&W launched a series of Children's Day activities in the park to send holiday greetings to T&W employees' lovely children. Pingshan Administration Department prepared corresponding gifts according to children's gender and age, including study, toys and practical items, and employees picked holiday gifts according to their children's needs. At the same time, the Administration Department organized DIY manual activities, and invited 40 employees to hand-make sachets for their children, giving them hand-made Children's Day gifts.
On June 1, the Comprehensive Management Department of Base Station Communication in Dalian Region distributed Children's Day gifts to children. This time, toys, daily necessities and books suitable for various ages were specially prepared for children. It has been highly praised by children's parents. In the afternoon, in order to show our concern for our "employees", the Comprehensive Management Department prepared special afternoon tea for everyone, including lollipops, Wahaha AD calcium milk, Want Want Children's Milk and various snacks. Employees expressed that they had experienced the fun of childhood again, and thanked the company for organizing the intimate afternoon tea, which made everyone full of happiness.
On June 1, Xi'an Branch prepared intimate gifts for everyone on Children's Day, so that employees could bring joy to their children, feeling the care of the company. Xi'an Branch prepared different educational toys for children according to three age groups, and also lollipops to each child, wishing them a sweet life and healthy growth.
At noon on June 1, Taicang T&W prepared a wealth of gifts for all T&W children in front of C2 Sports Center, which made the employees dizzying. Because the gifts prepared by Taicang T&W's Administration Department were too "rich", parents who chose gifts for their children were "dazzled". That day has also become a day of "allodoxaphobia" for Taicang T&W employees.
Taicang T&W's Children's Day this year was based on the theme of "Set Sail for Dream", which was classified according to different age groups of children. There were more than 4 kinds of gifts for each age group to choose from, including astronaut bubble machine, quicksand fan, planet cup, space shuttle, rocket, aircraft carrier and other aerospace related gifts; gifts related to scientific experiments, such as dinosaurs, gem archaeology, plant science planting observation experiments and scientific experiment physics suits, as well as parent-child interactive game series gifts, which can inspire children's dreams of science and aviation and bring them have a happy and fulfilling Children's Day.
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