Shenzhen T&W Successfully Passed ISO50001 System Certification

Recently, the company successfully passed ISO50001: 2018 energy management system certification. Since October last year, Pingshan Headquarters began to introduce the system, which has gone through the stages of introduction planning, establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement for more than half a year. From April 27 to 28 and May 16 to 17 this year, CTI carried out the first-stage audit and the second-stage audit of system certification for our company. Shen Kai, General Manager of Human Resources Administration Center, Chen Chunrong, Director of Pingshan Factory, Zhao Xingwang, Director of Production Center, He Liang, Management Representative, Li Zheyu, Director of the System Management Department, and heads of major energy consumption departments attended the first and last meetings. All departments of the company attached great importance to and actively responded to the audit, ensuring the smooth completion of the audit.
The CTI audit team confirmed the initial planning, establishment and maintenance of our energy management system, and only put forward one general non-conformance. Finally, it is agreed that the ISO50001 energy management system of our company is fully planned and effectively operated, and meets the system standards and related requirements.
@ 2012 Gongjin Electronics