T&W Solemnly Commended the "May Fourth Youth Pioneer"

Be brave to go ahead during your youth in the new era. On the afternoon of May 9, the company solemnly commended 40 "May Fourth Young Pioneers". Hu Zumin, General Manager of the company, and Wang Dawei, Chairman of the company, delivered important speeches respectively.
The development of the times and the great cause of T&W require generations of young talents to relay and struggle. Young employees are the main force in the development of the company, and employees under the age of 35 account for 72% of the total number of employees of the company. They are the most dynamic and creative group in the company, and the driving force for the company's continuous innovation. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China. In order to commend outstanding young people, carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth Movement and encourage all employees to forge ahead, the Human Resources Administration Center of the company organized and selected 40 "May Fourth Young Pioneers". They are young people with outstanding achievements in in-depth study in their work; they are sports talents who love life and constantly break through; they are outstanding representatives who have been commended by the government in innovative work; they are orange newcomers who are good at learning and are growing rapidly; and they are young volunteers who have the courage to take on selfless dedication in the anti-epidemic campaign.
From 16:30 to 18:00 on the same day, the company held a grand commendation meeting in the report hall on the second floor of Building 4, Pingshan T&W. Taicang T&W, Shanghai T&W, Dalian T&W, Xi'an T&W, Jinan Winspread and Vietnam T&W participated in the meeting through video link. The meeting offered 40 "May Fourth Young Pioneers" awards and 10 "May Fourth Young Pioneers" nomination awards. All leading cadres and employees under the age of 35 attended the meeting.

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