Pingshan District Human Resources Bureau Guided the New Apprenticeship Training Program of Pingshan Factory

On May 10, Chen Gaoxiang of Pingshan Human Resources Bureau and Shenzhen Municipal Government entrusted Yuan Xiaoping and Xie Defu, third-party supervisors, to Pingshan Factory to supervise and guide the practical training program for new apprentices, and 78 trainees from 3 majors received practical training in Manufacturing II Department and Manufacturing III Department at the same time.
Chen Gaoxiang and two supervisors went to each practical operation site to review the student sign-in form, take photos of the practical operation training, and record the training and the number of on-the-job students in each major. They required that practical training should be carried out according to the curriculum of the filing plan, and if there was any change, it should be reported as soon as possible. In addition, they put forward some suggestions, such as training in batches when there were too many practical trainees, ensuring the learning effect and avoiding training waste caused by the loss of trainees as much as possible. Government officials affirmed the contents and results of this training, and they hoped that all trainees could master the inspection skills through the training.
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