The Company Held a Group-level Staff Congress

On the afternoon of April 15, the company organized a group-level staff congress, which was held by video link in Shenzhen, Taicang, Shanghai, Dalian and Xi'an. Trade union chairmen and staff representatives of branches attended the congress. There were 265 delegates who should attend the conference, and 211 delegates actually attended the conference, which met the quorum of the congress. Company leaders Wei Yiming, Long Xiaojing and Shen Kai, as well as representatives of subsidiary general managers and department managers attended the congress as nonvoting delegates. The agenda of the congress was divided into group-level employee congress and subsidiary employee congresses organized by branches.
This was the first time that the company held a group-level employee congress. It was mainly based on the following two backgrounds. I. Complying with the requirements of changes in the external situation. In February 2021, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions issued the Opinions on Implementing the System of Staff Congress of Enterprise Groups, proposing to speed up the improvement of the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics under the new situation. The company organized this meeting according to the latest opinions. II. Adapting to the development needs of the company and the requirements of the Basic Law of T&W. The Basic Law of T&W clearly states that the relationship between the company and employees is win-win cooperation, and employees' right to know, make suggestions and appeal is guaranteed through an open and transparent system. At the same time, the company put forward the mobilization slogan in 2022: "Implement the national development strategy, and take long-term development, high-tech product manufacturing and improvement of employee well-being as the company's general development program." This employee congress is conducive to unified understanding and action, further promoting harmonious labor relations and improving employees' happiness.
With the theme of "According to Regulations and Laws, Rectifying and Rationalizing, and Developing Together", the congress voted and passed the revised T&W Employee Handbook, Pingshan Employee Handbook, Taicang Employee Handbook, and Regulations on the Management of Staff Violations and Discipline.
Subsequently, Shenzhen, Taicang and Dalian Branches organized their own staff congresses. The chairmen of trade unions of branches reported the annual work report of trade unions and the use of mutual funds. The congress reviewed and approved relevant local management systems.
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